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The Province Spirituality Group

We are attempting to support the Brothers and the ERN in their spiritual journey. The group is keenly aware that people are in different places on this journey. Fr. Thomas Berry said that we are now living between stories; the old story with which we were all reared and which gave such powerful meaning to our lives and the new story which attempts to situate our faith understanding in the context of the insights of modern science, particularly in regard to the origins and evolution of the universe. This new story challenges the way we understand concepts like incarnation, redemption, and the humanity/divinity of Jesus.

The first goal of the Nairobi chapter calls us ‘To engage with one another as we are drawn to Mystery in the day-to-day events of our lives, and in personal and communal reflection on the Jesus and Edmund stories, in light of the evolving universe story.We invited Brothers and others to join in cluster groups to engage in this communal reflection as outlined in the Chapter goal. There are a number of these groups currently active. Anyone currently not involved in an active cluster group, but who would like to be part of a cluster group is invited to contact Jim Donovan (jimfdonovancfc@gmail.com or 086-3627008).

We are attempting to highlight the challenges of Climate Change in light of Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato ‘Si, and decided at our last meeting that taking a regular slot in the European Province newsletter would be one way to address this challenge. This is in accord with the third Chapter Goal: ‘To be in right relationship as brother with each other, with people made poor and with the whole earth community, conscious that being brother is our pathway to our being evangelised and transformed.’ Pope Francis makes it quite clear that we need to hear both the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth.

Note: The Province Spirituality Group (PSG) consists of the following: Dominic Sassi (chair), Monica O’Reilly, Vivek da Silva, Denis Gleeson, Brian Monaghan, John Hearne, Fergus Reilly, Tom Costello, Jim Donovan.

29th November 2016