A Syrian Time Capsule

I am so pleased to share with you my online exhibition that I have been working on for the last few months as part of my dissertation . The exhibition is called “A Syrian Time Capsule” and it captures the contribution of 14 very generous participants who chose to share their stories about a physical itemm that they brought with them from Syria, and in the stories they share the significence of those objects in their lives.

Please share the link with others that might be interested.

The exhibition is NOT mobile friendly so use a laptop or PC to see the layout properly.

Comment section is at the bottom of the page so your reflection or feedback is really appreciated.

The exhibition is online to this Friday September 3rd

Enjoy reading the stories.  Rasha.



Link:-                       A Syrian Time Capsule

All the data for this exhibition is gathered by Rasha Youssef a Master student at the University of Glasgow as part of her dissertation.